I Tip (Micro Bead) Hair Extensions

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I Tip (micro bead) hair extension sets are ideal for people who want to add extra volume, length or highlights to their hair. The I Tip hair extension method is quick and easy. There is no need for heat, glue or chemicals and that means no damage. This method uses a non-slip grooved bead to attach the hair extension to existing hair.

The premium Remy I Tip hair extensions that I order are all double drawn, equalling 1 gram per strand and each pack contains 50 strands. These professional quality hair extensions are used in top tier salons across the country.

**Double drawn hair undergoes an additional process during manufacturing. The shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. The alternative is to cut the human hair at the ends so that fullness remains the same from top to bottom.**


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Pricing Structure

Please keep in mind that pricing includes hair extensions that will last you anywhere from 6-9 months. Every time you visit for extension “maintenance,” we will assess how your extensions are fairing, and how best to prolong their life. 

  • Volume Extensions mean getting fullness and added texture. This amount will help you achieve the styles you crave and the volume and hold you’ve always wanted.

FOR VOLUME (50 grams Indian I-Tip hair extension pack) with install and Cut/Style $550.00

FOR VOLUME (50 grams Russian I-Tip hair extension pack) with install and Cut/Style $675.00

  • Extensions for Length give you exactly that! Length, volume, texture, and fullness!

FOR LENGTH (100 grams Indian I-Tip hair extension pack) with install and Cut/Style $650.00

FOR LENGTH (100 grams Russian I-Tip hair extension pack) with install and Cut/Style $800.00



Frequently asked questions..

Q. How do I choose the colour I want?

A. You don’t, that’s my job! Come on in for your FREE consultation and I’ll match you to the colour that best suits your hair.

Q. How long do I Tip extensions last?

A. I Tip hair extensions generally last 6-9 months with the right care.

Q. How do I sleep with I Tip extensions?

A. When you first have your extensions applied, sleeping may feel a little uncomfortable. To help stop your hair extensions from tangling, put your hair in a loose braid and tie a silk bandana around the crown of your head.

Q. How do I wash my I Tip Extensions?

Before washing your hair, always thoroughly run a brush through the lengths, to help prevent any tangles. The most important part of washing your hair is to avoid all hair care products containing any protein or silicone. These products will weaken the bonds of your hair extensions, causing them to fall out, as well as damage the hair’s structure causing them to become knotty. When you’re applying shampoo, concentrate the shampoo on the roots of your hair and your scalp and only allow the product to run over the extensions when you are rinsing.

Apply a moisturising conditioner to your hair, avoiding the roots and bonds of the beads. Every second wash, apply a deep conditioning treatment to help extend the life of your hair extensions. Thoroughly wash all shampoo and conditioner out of your hair to remove any residue being left behind.

Q. How is Remy Hair different from other types of hair?

A. Remy hair has qualities like uni-lateral cuticle direction; this basically means that the hair follicles go in one direction. This uni-lateral sequence allows the hair to stay untangled. Hair that is not Remy is gathered with cuticles that face opposite directions, requiring a chemical process to remove the cuticle; making the hair more prone to tangling.

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