What are the different methods of hair extensions, and how do I know which one is right for me?

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These days there are so many different kinds of hair extensions to choose from, it’s hard to know what one is right for you. Between skin weft, tape in, micro-bead, i-tip, and kera-tip,  knowing which one will be best suited to your everyday life and healthiest for your hair is really damn confusing!

In an effort to clarify what each kind of extension is, I’ll list them here. I’m sure there’s new methods out there and some that I’m just not a fan of so I won’t list. But here are the top extensions that I recommend to my clients.


  1. I-TIP also known as MICRO-BEAD                                                                                       These are individual strands of keratin bonded Remy hair. They are attached to a small amount of your hair in rows up the bottom back of your hair by threading a small amount of your hair through a tiny copper tube and inserting the strand of extension inside, clamping it shut. The tubes are small and very hard to see. I personally love these the best. What I love is that you can re-use the hair for as long as it feels healthy. I have had the same hair for a whole year before. MAINTENANCE: It takes about 2 hours to get these guys in, and maintenance takes a bit longer…probably 2-3 hours to move them up every 2 months. These are very cost effective and natural looking.



2.  KERA-TIP                                                                                                                                                 Kera-tip extensions are the same concept at I-tip or Micro-bead. They are individual           pieces of Remy hair that are actually bonded to small amounts of your hair with a             keratin glue. The glue is heated and then bonded (rolled) to your hair. KEEP IN MIND         YOU CAN’T RE-USE THE HAIR. NEW HAIR MUST BE PURCHASED EVERY TIME YOU             NEED MAINTENANCE! For that reason alone, these aren’t high on my list of favorite          extensions.


3.  TAPE IN                                                                                                                                                     Tape-in extensions are great if you’re looking for a quick way to get a LOT of hair.               They are placed in rows going up the back and sides of your hair. They are attached           by very strong tape to thin rows of hair. The only downfall of Tape-in extensions                 are that you can see the shiny piece of tape that sits close to your scalp.                                Another reason why I am not a huge fan is that it’s hard to wear your hair up with            these. If you do tend to put your hair up quite a bit, these aren’t for you.                                MAINTENANCE: You need to get these moved up every 6 weeks; 8 if they                                haven’t slipped, good luck!


4. Skin Weft                                                                                                                                                  Skin weft extensions are the exact same concept as tape-in, BUT the hair of the                    extension actually covers the tape so you can’t see it. It looks like the hair is coming            straight from your scalp. I MUCH PREFER THESE TO TAPE-IN! Maintenance will be            the same as tape-in.


I hope this guide gives you some insight to what you think would best work for your hair. If your stylist is only offering one kind of hair extension, ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION! Not every extension is right for everyone. Make sure your stylist is telling you if you are losing any hair at all when it comes time for your first maintenance. If you are, then switch up the method. It’s an amazing feeling to have longer, thicker, fuller hair…but if you aren’t cautious, it could come at a price.

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